10 movies that get metal absolutely right

Hollywood and metallic need to be polar opposites. One’s a mainstream behemoth that dominates the amusement business the other’s an obnoxious underdog that wishes to piss on almost everything the mainstream stands for. Yet, once in a while the two can appear with each other and build a miracle: a movie that the two wows the masses and leaves metalheads beaming. Here are just 10 of them:

Metal Hammer line break

This Is Spinal Faucet (1984)

Stonehenge. None a lot more black. Up to eleven. This Is Spinal Faucet has permeated weighty metallic culture due to the fact its launch in 1982. It’s disrupted it extra than 99% of bands ever will. At a time when the genre was even now young, enigmatic and dangerous, Rob Reiner’s masterpiece made an all-too-serious portrayal of the ridiculousness at the rear of the macabre theatre. Its comprehending of touring and the resourceful procedure is so location-on that many have named it as accurate as a documentary.