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Like most film genres, science fiction goes back almost as significantly as the medium alone, all the way to 1902, to be exact. That was when Georges Méliès—an revolutionary genius of several talents—unleashed his 14-moment masterwork: “Le Voyage dans la Lune,” greater identified to American audiences as “A Trip to the Moon.” Inspired by the written operates of Jules Verne, between other things, and laced with satirical jabs at the scientific community, the surrealist limited follows a team of astronomers embarking to the moon. Although not scientifically accurate by any means—the astronomers do travel by way of cannon shot, immediately after all—the movie did kick off a cinematic craze of depicting hypothetical concepts in anticipation of future realities.

Stacker compiled a listing of the 100 finest sci-fi flicks of all time centered on our own Stacker score, a weighted index split evenly concerning IMDb and Metacritic scores. To qualify, the film experienced to be listed as sci-fi on IMDb, have a Metascore, and have at minimum 5,000 votes. Ties have been damaged by Metascore and additional ties were being broken by IMDb consumer votes. Each movie on the listing has been viewed as according to the cinematic heritage and improvement of sci-fi. Facts is new as of April 2022.

To this day, the craze of checking out what the future may perhaps hold for humanity and our own inventions continues. Modern day scientific breakthroughs like gene enhancing, as very well as the growth of robots, digital actuality, cloning, and wearable tech have all been foreshadowed by the sci-fi genre. Terrific sci-fi films are not just a qualitative way to pass time, but a way to explore the full realm of human prospective, as the strategies of today may possibly very well turn out to be the realities of tomorrow. That said, at times a great sci-fi movie is just a good sci-fi movie—especially when comedian book adaptations enter the fold.

Counting down from #100, in this article are the greatest sci-fi movies of all time.

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