Outdoor Camping Equipment – Northwest Territory Tents

If you want to get into camping, then congratulations, you have chosen a great sport! There are thousands of people across the United States and other countries that go camping every single year in order to enjoy the call of the wild and the great outdoors. There are so many reasons to go camping and it would be incredibly hard to list every single one of them here.

Some reasons for camping might include wanting to become one with nature, just having the experience, or even just wanting to get away. Whatever the reason, you can be rest assured that you will have a great time and enjoy your getaway from the rigors of technology and the fast paced world that we live in today.

Unfortunately for some it may be difficult to get into camping because tents can be prohibitively expensive. There is also the fact that some people may only want to go camping for a few days out of the year and don’t see the point of investing several hundred dollars in a tent that they will barely use.

Luckily, Northwest Territory manufactures tents that are dedicated to bringing you quality tents at a low price. These tents are an excellent choice for the occasional camper or for anyone who wants to get into camping without a high cost of entry.

For the price, Northwest Territory doesn’t skimp on nice features, like the bathtub style floor. This type of flooring helps keeps the inside of the tent clear of ground moisture, making it more comfortable for you.

Additionally, these tents feature sturdy ventilation panels all over so that you will be able to sleep comfortably at night. Good ventilation is also essential during the summer months, when most of us do our camping.

Another benefit to purchasing a Northwest Territory tent is their EZ Glide system, which makes it super easy to zip open and closed the doors and windows, without catching or tearing the fabric.

A popular model is the Northwest Territory First Up tent. Ideal for true camping beginners, this tent comes in just one piece, requiring you to just put it your favorite camping spot, place the supports in the correct positions, and pop the tent into shape. This comes in handy, too, for late camp site arrivals when it’s difficult to see in the dark. Even inexperienced campers can have an First Up tent ready to go in less than five minutes.

Northwest Territory has been making tents and camping supplies for years and while their tents aren’t suitable for harsh conditions and inclimate weather, they are sure to serve the beginner or occasional camper well for the foreseeable future. So head over to their website and look through their tent selection. You’ll probably find something you like, as they have something for everyone, and chances are you will find one at an extremely low price.

You will be able to find these tents at your local discount superstores, like K-mart, Sears, and Wal-Mart.

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