The Best Mads Mikkelsen Movies And How To Watch Them

Despite the circumstances that led to it, it is still pretty exciting to see Mads Mikkelsen join the cast of Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore as the Harry Potter prequel franchise’s new Gellert Grindelwald. Reason being: the Danish actor can play one mean villain, as also seen in almost every major franchise he has been apart of so far, including the Bond films and the MCU.

However, his mastery of menace is far from his only valuable tool as a performer, having also played a few heroic badasses in his day and flexed his comedic muscles as characters you would have never expected from him. Let’s take a look at the many shades of the actor with our picks for Mads Mikkelsen’s best movies, along with tips on where to find them on streaming, as a digital rental, or for purchase on physical media, starting with his first movie and its sequel.

Mads Mikkelsen in Pusher II

(Image credit: Magnolia Pictures)

Pusher And Pusher II (1996, 2004)