The Best Safaris in Namibia in 2009

With an increase in popularity, Namibia is now rivalling its neighbouring countries with its diverse natural beauty, friendly locals and abundant wildlife, and safaris in Namibia have never been so popular. So if you want to experience the real Namibia, the best thing to do is join a safari in 2009 to have the experience of a lifetime.
Safaris in Namibia come in all kinds of different styles from epic overland journeys to short trips focusing on just a couple of places of interest such as Etosha National Park and the vast Namib Desert. However, recently the focus on ethical and sustainable travel has increased and so the best safaris in 2009 are those that are responsible such as ones that combine wildlife watching with cultural excursions. On these safaris you may visit local villages and meet the native Himba tribesmen who lead a traditional life in the Namibia wilderness.
The other up-and-coming safari option in 2009 is the family safari holiday. These are holidays with a difference that are specially designed with children and young adults in mind and they may include such activities as wildlife watching, cultural excursions, desert exploration and even sand boarding.
Throughout the year though the classic overland adventure will still remain popular with travellers of all dispositions. Offering the chance to see numerous countries and places of interest as well as diverse landscapes and exotic wildlife they are the ideal safari for those seeking an exhilarating African adventure.
The best safaris in Namibia during the coming year are guaranteed to make this fascinating country accessible to a whole host of new travellers.

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