Top 3 Extreme Sports Adventures

Extreme sports and thrill seeking adventures is one of the most exciting and action packed things that you could do.

But what is an extreme sport exactly? Well to me it is any sort of activity that will get your heart pumping and that hit of adrenalin coursing through your veins.

Perhaps an activity that reaches incredible heights, the feeling of free falling, getting up close to deadly predators. Whatever is extreme for you may or may not be so extreme for others though so the choice is of course personal.

For instance I love going shark diving but am terrified of free falling, both are still extreme sports adventures but they are so very different.

In general for the majority of thrill seekers however are the top 3 most common and most popular extreme sports adventures.

First on the list is bungee jumping. There is nothing that will get your heart racing faster than strapping your legs to a rope and throwing yourself off a bridge or platform.

There are also so many different forms of bungee jumps too. For instance jumping off a bridge is the normal kind of bungee but for those looking for new thrills may decide to jump from a helicopter.

Or perhaps even bungee jump, riding a BMX off the edge, AJ Hackett’s bungee jump in Cairns, Australia offer just that.

Free falling from a bungee feels so much faster than jumping out of a plane and this is because you’re moving past objects at full speeds giving your mind a measurement of speed where as sky diving feels like a while before you get anywhere near any other objects.

Second for the most extreme sports however is the adventure of sky diving. It may not feel as fast but jumping out of a perfectly good aeroplane at 14,000 feet is still just as extreme as a bungee jump.

Your first jump and likely the few following will be tandem with an instructor so that you can just hang there and enjoy the free fall and parachuting experience. After a few jumps you may want to try this solo or you may even want to try an accelerated free fall course to find the most extreme way to enjoy the sky dive.

Out of the skies for number three’s spot for the top extreme sports adventures is white water rafting.

Rowing against and with the rapids on a white water rafting day is intense but so much fun too. Putting your bodies on the line to experience the fury and wild ride that Mother Nature provides is definitely an extreme adventure.

Now days there are even many man made rapids where the tour operators can control the category of the rapids which are ranked one to five.

All three of these extreme sports adventures will get your heart pumping and your blood full of adrenalin but of course there are many other activities that may do this very same thing for you.

If bungee jumping, sky diving or white water rafting isn’t your thing there are always other extreme sports such as hang gliding, shark diving, caving and all sorts of different things that you could try to start living life to its fullest potential.

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