Trekking in the Himalayas

India is a vast country. The entire northern boundary is called as the Himalayan Range. Once you reach the Himalayas, you will be surrounded with huge Himalayan Peaks. These could be either snow covered or not, depending upon the climate. The Himalayas are the home of natural beautiful breath-taking sights. If you have the desire to trek, you will really enjoy our packages. We, at Singhs Travel offer specialized packages on the following trekking tours.

Essentials for the trekkers:
A good pair of trekking boots
warm socks
warm and waterproof clothes
sun glasses and hats
warm sleeping bags
first aid kit


Garhwal is situated in Uttranchal. Uttranchal is the northern state of India. Garhwal is an exceptional destination. It has beautiful surroundings. Garhwal is a very old city, its history is older than that of the Ramayana and Mahabharata.

After reaching Garhwal, one will have the beautiful sight of snowy mountains. Mountaineers have been visiting Garhwal frequently in order to climb these huge mountains to fulfil their desire of adventure. There are several Hindu shrines located in Garhwal. The Garhwal region has the famous temple of Badrinath.

Garhwal comprises of the seven districts –
Dehradun, Haridwar, Uttarkashi, Chamoli, Pauri, Tehri and Rudraprayag.

In north Garhwal some peaks like Kamet (7756m/25447ft high) and Mukut Parvat is (7242m/23761ft high) are giants. It has large Glaciers, such as Bhagirath Kharak and the Arwa valleys. These also have various peaks. The famous peaks of this region are:
Bhrigupanth (6772m / 22219ft)
Thalay Sagar (6904m / 22652ft)
Chaukhamba (7068m / 23190ft)
Kedarnath Peak (6940m / 22770ft)

All the above peaks are on the Gangotri region and not all of these peaks have been climbed yet, as it is a great challenge for the best of mountaineers and climbers. Once you reach Gangotri, you must not miss the famous Gangotri temple.

Trekking in the Garhwal requires you to be absolutely fit and in your full spirits. Each and every move over here is a challenge. You will find several un-explored mountains / glaciers here. This is because it requires great courage to explore them.


Kumaon is an appropriate destination for the one who are adventure lovers. Kumaon is one of the five geographical zones of the Himalayas. for your interest, the five geographical zones are: Jalandharkhan, Kedarnath, Kashmir, Kurmanchal and Nepal.

The word ‘Kumaon’ is derived from ‘Kurmanchal’. Kurmanchal means the land of Kurmavtar (the tortoise incarnation of Lord Vishnu, Preserver of the Hindu Trinity). Kumaon is 21035 Sq Km. It is situated in the State of Uttar Pradesh, India.

Kumaon has several trekking routes, following are worth mentioning here:

Kafni Glacier Trek
This is a 24 kilometer trek. The Himalayas namely ‘Nandakot (6806 meters)’ and ‘Nanda Bhanar (6104 meters)’ are visible on this trek. The location of the Kafini Glacier is on the left of the Pindar Valley and the Nandakot.

Pindari Glacier Trek
It is at an altitude of 3353 meters. The base of Pindari is ‘Nanda Devi’. This glacier is about 3.2 kilometers in length and 1.5 kilometers broad. This is the most acceesible glacier. Pindari Glacier trek is for the moderate trekker. One, who wishes to trek with lesser challenges will surely enjoy this trek. It is a must for first time trekkers. It is situated on the Nanda Devi and Nanda Kote peaks. It is 3657 meters above sea level. While trekking in the Pindari Glacier, one can enjoy the view of the gigantic snow covered himalayas.

Panchchuli Glacier Trek
The Panchchuli Glacier is covered with snow capped peaks. The path to this trek is as follows: ‘Sobla’ is 134 kms from ‘Pithoragarh’ and 35 kms from ‘Dharchula’. From ‘Sobla’, to ‘Panchachuli Glacier’, is a 40 kms trek. From the Glacier, one can see the Panchchuli peaks. In this trekking route, one can enjoy the view of rich variety of flora and launa, Alpine meadows and exotic scenery.

Milam Glacier Trek
The Milam Glacier is at an altitude of 4268 meters. It is spread around 37 sq. kms. This Glacier is surrounded by 52 high peaks. The ‘Gauriganga river’ originates from the south of Milam Glacier. This Glacier is the largest in the Kumaon region. Milam Glacier is located on the old trade route to Tibet. Trekking journey begins from Munsyari to Milam. The trek involves moderate walks and transect rugged terrains, quaint villages and picturesque streams.

Sunderdhunga Glacier Trek
It is also famous for Trekkers paradise. It is at an altitude of 4320 meters. This trek is for the moderate trekker. It is located about 24 kilometers from the village ‘Khati’. Sunderdhunga is on the right side of th Pindar Valley. It is a valley of beautiful stones. The main peaks are Tharkot (6100 meters), Maiktoli (6804 meters), Mrigthuni (6856 meters) and Pawali Dwar (6663 metres), also, the famous Glaciers of this valley are Sukhram Glacier and Maiktoli Glacier.


Ladakh is a land like no other land. Its boundaries contains the world’s two giant mountain ranges, these are ‘The Great Himalayas’ and ‘The Karakoram’. Trekking in Ladakh is a paradise for trekkers. Ladakh has plenty of trekking options, which suits all the adventurers and nature loving persons. Ladakh is a land of endless discoveries.

Here, nature is at its extreme. Ladakh is a land of freezing winds. It can be said as a cold desert lying in the midst of the great Himalayas and other smaller Himalayan ranges. One of the most pleasurable as well as the challenging activities of the highlands of Ladakh is trekking.

Some of Ladakh’s most prominent gompas (Tibetan monastery) include Lamayaru (the oldest), Hemis (the largest and wealthiest), Thikse, Shey, Stok, Spituk, Alchi and Deskit. Buddhism predominates in Ladakh and imparts a distinct identify to its people.

Ladakh is often described as ‘Little Tibet’. Ladakh receives less of snow and less of rain throughout the year. In winters, the temperature dips to about -200C. It is at an altitude ranging from 3000 to 7672 meters. Ladakh comprises of the Indus Valley, Rupshu, Changthang, and the Nubra Valley.


Sham is described as the famous Apricot Valley of Ladakh and hence it is also called as Sham Valley or Apricot Valley Trek. Here one can find exotic Buddhist Monasteries. The highest point of this trek is Tsermangchan La about 3750 meters. On the trek, there are high passes.

The altitude of Sham is 3750 meters / 12300 meters. The trek of Sham is placed as an easy trek and can be completed with lesser difficulties. This trek is also famous among the tourists as Baby Trek, as it is easy to trek. On this trek, one can find several villages among the richest in Ladakh. Temisgang, Ridzong and Likir line the trekking route for this trek.


The Markha trek is one of the most sought after treks in Leh. Markha is at an altitude of 5030 meters.

While through this trek, one can experience the spectacular views of the Great Himalayas, Ladakh and Zanskar ranges. Two high passes are to be crossed while the journey. Large diversity of landscapes from the jagged Kongmaro La Pass (5000 meters) to the green oasis of the Markha Valley with breath-taking views of snow-capped peaks will be seen on this trek. A visit to Markha will enable you to get an opportunity to visit the old monastery which is famous for its paintings.

Lamayuru is at an altitude of 4820 meters. The Alchi monastery lies 69 km, west of Leh. Lamayuru being one of the oldest Gompas/Monasteries in Ladakh has been a popular destination for visitors since many Centuries. It is belived to be a pre Buddhism Shrine of the lost Bon Po religion.

This trek is for the moderate trekker, as this is one of the easier treks in Ladakh and passes through less visited trails and remote Ladakhi Villages. While on the trek, one will be offered with superb panoramic views of the wilderness south of the Indus Valley.

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