Where You Can Do Car Rentals Under 21 in Canada?

How to rent a car under 21 years old | Smart Tips

The minimum age for renting a car in Canada is 21 years. In some provinces of Canada, you can rent a car if you are over 21. If you still want to rent a car even if you are underage then you will be charged an underage fee. For car rental under 21 in Canada, there are restrictions on some vehicles. 

Advantages of Renting a Car In Canada

  • The minimum age for renting a car in Canada is 21.
  • Only 30$ per rental car will be charged in Canada. 
  • The maximum budget can reach up to 35$ per rental car in Canada. 

Terms and Conditions

When you are about to book first keep in mind that you should always obey the terms and conditions shown on their website or garages. You should also follow their rules of fee for underages or certain ages. 

Policies About Driver’s Age

There are alot of car rental companies but in Canada car Car Rentals Under 21 have their own restrictions on driver’s age. Renting a car will be only allowed to those who are 21 years old and have a minimum experience of 12 years of driving.

Those drivers who are underage will not be given luxury cars, passenger cars, and large size SUVs. 

Age Restrictions For Renting a Car In Canada

Age restrictions for car rental under 21 in Canada are as follows. 

  • The minimum age should be 21 to apply for renting a car in Canada.
  • 12 months of driving experience for a driver in Canada to rent a car is compulsory. 
  • To avoid an age surcharge the age of the driver should be at least 25.
  • Those drivers who are ages 21-24 are not allowed to rent luxury and large size vehicles, 
  • Drivers above age 70 are not allowed to rent any car in Canada. 
  • At the age of 18 renting cars in Canada is allowed but you should pay an extra fee.
  • The youngest age who can rent a car is 18.
  • FOX Rent is a car company for renting a car for age 18 in the best company for such service in canada. 
  • Young age means additional payment and additional cost.
  • Only select car rental companies will allow car renting for those aged 18 to age 21. 
  • Renting a car for suppliers and carrying luggage to other cities are not allowed for age 18 in Canada.