Avoid These 4 Mistakes When Having a Road Trip

10 Mistakes to Avoid on a Road Trip, According to Experts | Travel + Leisure

Having a holiday trip is the moment you’ve been waiting for when approaching the end of the year. You can choose various ways to spend your holiday, from luxury vacations and backpacker style to road trips. Recently, more and more tourists have been taking road trips on vacation. The reason is that it is more exciting and you can get to know your travel companions better.

Even though it sounds exciting, a road trip can be an unpleasant vacation experience if you are unprepared. From this lack of preparation, mistakes will usually appear that seem trivial but are important.

So, what are the mistakes often made when having a road trip? Check them out below.

Lack of Research on The Trip

Research is needed when going on vacation with quite a long trip, for example, a Java to Bali road trip. Before going on a trip, you need to do some research on the location, route, travel time, lodging on the way, and rest area points. Not to forget, do some research also about the destination, for example, choices of bali indonesia tourist places, local culinary tours, lodging that fits the budget, and others.

Forget to Check the Condition of the Vehicle.

Pay attention to the slightest condition of the vehicle. For example, there is an indicator light that is constantly on, brakes that have a little less grip, and problems with the air conditioner and so on. These small conditions need to be checked because it could be a sign of damage which will get worse later. For example, a light that stays on could signal that the battery is running out or the tire’s air pressure is not balanced. If not being fixed, the result is that the vehicle can be damaged while traveling.

Too Long to Drive Without Stopping

Every driver will be relieved if the destination city is in sight. The driver will automatically speed up and drive without stopping. Indeed, you will arrive faster, but if your body is too tired, you will not be able to enjoy your vacation comfortably. Passengers also feel sore and uncomfortable. For that, take a short break every five hours of travel in the rest area. Just getting out of the car and stretching while walking is fine. Or, if you want to relax more, you can enjoy coffee or tea before continuing your journey.

Need to Clean Up the Car Before Leaving

During a road trip, the inside of the car will be full of food, snacks, drinks, jackets and other equipment needed. It’s normal because you spend a lot of time on the trip. It’s best to clean the car first before leaving to keep the vehicle neat and comfortable. Clean the inside by sucking the dirty nooks and crannies. Place dry wipes, wet wipes, hand sanitizer, and liquid soap in the car. Also, ensure you equip the car with trash bags so that you can dispose of the trash in the car.

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