Dreams Dominicus La Romana – a comprehensive review about this Bayahibe all-inclusive resort

Dreams Dominicus La Romana in Bayahibe is a modern, elegant and comfortable all-inclusive resort, which caters to families, groups and adults alike. It features one of the most spectacular oceanfront locations in the Dominican Republic, including a beautiful jetty and gorgeous turquoise water. It is one of the most upscale Bayahibe all-inclusive resorts and therefore suitable for everyone, who wants to indulge in decent luxury without breaking the bank. Check out the following comprehensive Dreams Dominicus La Romana review to see if this resort is the right place for your vacation in the Dominican Republic and to get to know all the unique features this hotel in Bayahibe has to offer.

Where is Dreams Dominicus La Romana?

 Dreams Dominicus La Romana by AMR Collections is located in Bayahibe, approx. 16 miles away from the city of La Romana and 43 miles away from Punta Cana International Airport.

Even though Dreams Dominicus is located in Bayahibe and not in Punta Cana, it still isn’t further away than other resorts in the Punta Cana area. Thanks to the excellent highway from Punta Cana to La Romana, it is just a 55-minute drive from Punta Cana to Dreams Dominicus La Romana. As there are rarely any public transport options nor any regular (=available without prebooking) airport shuttles between Punta Cana and Bayahibe, it is recommendable to prebook your airport transfer to Dreams Dominicus, either with a private transfer* or a shared airport shuttle*. You can check out the full details about the airport transfers from Punta Cana to Bayahibe here. 

Alternatively, Bayahibe can also perfectly be reached from Santo Domingo’s Las Américas International Airport. It’s less than a 90-minute drive, private transfers and shared airport shuttles are also readily available if booked in advance. You can check out all the details about airport transfers from Santo Domingo here.

 If you haven’t heard about Bayahibe yet, it is time you learn more about this fantastic place in the Dominican Republic. It not only has a much more laid-back vibe than Punta Cana, but it also features the most turquoise water you can find in the Dominican Republic. Furthermore, Bayahibe is nearly fully protected against seaweed, which makes it particularly attractive when Punta Cana is affected by sargassum, which might occur in the months from May/June to September/October.

 Like all the other Bayahibe all-inclusive resorts (except of whala Bayahibe), Dreams Dominicus Resort is located directly at the beach. Continue reading this Dreams Dominicus review to see what kind of gorgeous beach is awaiting you here.

Definition of Dreams Dominicus La Romana

 Before we are starting with the extensive Dreams Dominicus La Romana review, let’s have a quick look at the naming of this resort. I am seeing various names of this resort circulating, among them

  • Dreams Dominicus La Romana
  • Dreams La Romana
  • Dreams La Romana Resort
  • Dreams Resort La Romana
  • Dreams La Romana Resort & Spa
  • Dreams Dominicus La Romana by AMR Collection
  • Dreams Dominicus La Romana Resort & Spa
  • Dreams La Romana All-Inclusive
  • Dreams Dominicus Resort

 Those are a lot of names, aren’t they?

 In the end, they are describing the same resort – the one this hotel review is about. The official name is Dreams Dominicus La Romana Resort & Spa or Dreams Dominicus La Romana Resort & Spa by AMR Collection.

 The interesting thing is, that until 2017/2018, there have been two Dreams Resorts in Bayahibe: Dreams Dominicus and Dreams La Romana. While Dreams Dominicus is located at the beautiful Dominicus beach, Dreams La Romana was located 3 miles further north close to the actual town of Bayahibe. Dreams La Romana then changed brands and is selling as Hilton La Romana since then, and Dreams Dominicus changed its name to Dreams Dominicus La Romana.

 Nowadays, it doesn’t matter if one is writing about Dreams Dominicus La Romana, Dreams La Romana, Dreams Bayahibe or Dreams Dominicus, it is always referring to the all-inclusive hotel I am writing about in this comprehensive hotel review, Dreams Dominicus La Romana Resort & Spa.

Overview of Dreams Dominicus La Romana

 Dreams Dominicus is a medium-sized all-inclusive hotel, but one of the largest resorts in Bayahibe. From the lobby to the beach it is a distance of approx. 1250 feet, which equals around 4-5 minutes of walking. The longest distance from one of the rooms – those in the family section – to the beach is around 1800 feet, which is a 7-minute walk. 

 Dreams Dominicus La Romana is divided into two sections: the family section featuring a water splash area, a family restaurant, a fully-stocked bar, a Preferred Club check-in, a games room and many interconnecting family rooms, and the main section with the lobby, all the other restaurants, bars, all activities, several pools and the gorgeous Dominicus beach.

 Both parts are divided by a road, but there is a pedestrian, stroller and golf cart tunnel so you can easily move and connect between both areas. The family section is particularly suitable for families as interconnecting rooms here are guaranteed and it is a particularly quiet part of Dreams Dominicus Resort. You can also take board games to your room and toddlers and small kids will enjoy the water splash area.

 The main part of Dreams Dominicus La Romana Resort & Spa starts with the lobby, where you can find the reception area and guest services as well as the lobby bar next by, which is located outside, with lots of lush vegetation around and very cozy and comfortable areas to sit.

 From here, you can start your walk towards the beach, passing several of the small accommodation buildings which were built resembling a Mediterranean style. There is also a quiet pool in this area of Dreams Dominicus, which is perfect if you just want to chill and relax. 

Pool area at Dreams Dominicus All Inclusive Resort

 The bar in this quieter area also has some of the cool and cozy swings like at Dreams Macao Beach Resort.

Pool area at Dreams Dominicus All Inclusive Resort

 Continuing your walk towards the beach, you are reaching the main area of Dreams Dominicus La Romana Resort. Here you can find the big main pool with its swim-up bar and two bigger (but not tall) buildings. The left one houses most of the Dreams Dominicus’ restaurants, the right one features the teens and the kids club, the gym, the coffee shop and the discotheque. 

Pool area at Dreams Dominicus La Romana Resort & Spa

 Finally, next to this area, you can find the beach area, including the beach bar, the beach snack restaurant, the water sports center, the Preferred Club restaurant and the Preferred Club beach area.

Amazing Playa Dominicus in Bayahibe, the beach at Dreams Dominicus La Romana Resort

The beach at Dreams Dominicus La Romana

 This beach area is the most attractive part of Dreams Dominicus La Romana by AMR Collection. The beaches in Bayahibe are generally known for their crystal-clear and turquoise water, but the stretch at Dreams Dominicus Bayahibe is incredibly turquoise and gorgeous. I mean, just look at this photo … 

Amazing Playa Dominicus in Bayahibe, the beach at Dreams Dominicus La Romana Resort

 The jetty right at Dreams La Romana beach makes it even more photogenic.

Amazing Playa Dominicus in Bayahibe, the beach at Dreams Dominicus La Romana Resort

 In recent years, the beach even got extended in the southern direction, hence it is much bigger now. However, the regular section still gets pretty full (but don’t worry, there are beach chairs for everyone), but the Preferred Club beach section is super spacious now, especially including the extension.

Amazing Playa Dominicus in Bayahibe, the beach at Dreams Dominicus La Romana Resort

 Thanks to its shallow area and the calm waters, the ocean at Dreams La Romana All Inclusive is also perfect for swimming, kayaking or SUP-boarding. You can rent watersports equipment (kayaks, SUPs and pedal boats) for free right at the water sports center of Dreams Resort La Romana. You can also book excursions to Isla Saona or Isla Catalina here, as well as dive packages.

Amazing Playa Dominicus in Bayahibe, the beach at Dreams Dominicus La Romana Resort

 In case you’d like to have a beach walk, this is also possible without a problem from Dreams Dominicus La Romana. To the south, you can’t walk more than half a mile (at least you would need proper shoes afterwards) as the beach gets pretty rocky afterwards, but to the north you can walk around a mile, passing several other Bayahibe all-inclusive resorts, a few gift shops, the public beach of Dominicus (a separate part of Bayahibe) and the famous Bayahibe lighthouse.

Bayahibe Lighthouse at Playa Dominicus in Bayahibe

The rooms at Dreams Dominicus La Romana

 The next topic in this Dreams La Romana Resort review are the rooms. In total, the hotel features 488 rooms, hence it still has a modest size and doesn’t appear too big. As the hotel was built only back in 2016, all the rooms are very modern and feature contemporary design. They are also super spacious, even the smallest room has a huge size of more than 500 ft².

When booking your holiday at this hotel, you can choose between the following Dreams Dominicus La Romana room categories:

  • Deluxe Tropical Garden View
  • Deluxe Suite Tropical Garden View
  • Preferred Club Deluxe Tropical View/Pool View
  • Preferred Club Deluxe Swim-Up (Garden View)
  • Preferred Club Suite Tropical View
  • Preferred Club Suite Swim-Up (Garden View)
  • Preferred Club Honeymoon Suite (Partial Ocean View)
  • Preferred Club Master Suite (Garden View)
  • Preferred Club Master Suite Swim-Up (Garden View)
  • Preferred Club One Bedroom Presidential Suite (Partial Ocean View)
  • Preferred Club Presidential Suite (Partial Ocean View)
  • Preferred Club Family Suite Tropical View
  • Preferred Club Two Bedroom Family Suite Tropical View
  • Preferred Club Three Bedroom Family Suite Tropical View

 Please note that in case you are looking for an oceanfront room, Dreams Dominicus La Romana is not the right all-inclusive resort in Bayahibe for you. Furthermore, oceanview rooms are very scarce, just the honeymoon suites and the presidential suite feature a partial ocean view.

As mentioned, all the Dreams Dominicus La Romana rooms are very spacious and super modern. In my opinion, they are the most luxurious rooms you can find in Bayahibe, as the rooms at competing all-inclusive resorts in Bayahibe and Dominicus such as Hilton La Romana or Iberostar Hacienda Dominicus are much older. Only the Privileged rooms at Catalonia La Romana and Catalonia La Romana Royal can compete in terms of modern design and contemporary luxury, even though they are not as spacious as the rooms at Dreams Dominicus La Romana.


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The author Chris in the Dominican Republic

All rooms and suites offer everything you need. Some of the amenities include a furnished balcony or terrace in all rooms, hairdryer, 24-hour room service, cable TV, air-conditioning, ceiling fans, daily refreshed mini-bar, private safe, coffee and tea maker and an iron with ironing board.

Deluxe Tropical View Room at Dreams La Romana Resort

Furthermore, the Dreams Dominicus Preferred Club rooms feature an upgraded mini-bar, luxury bath amenities, an upgraded pillow menu and additional Preferred Club amenities you can find further below (in the Preferred Club section) in this Dreams Dominicus La Romana review.

 During our first stay at Dreams La Romana Resort & Spa, we could enjoy a spacious master suite. I can also highly recommend the swim-up suites, as most of the pools are semi-private, sharing the pool with only 2 or 3 more rooms (compared to other resorts where swim-up rooms usually share a pool with a whole badge of rooms). 

Preferred Club Deluxe Swim-Up Suite at Dreams La Romana Resort

 But also the family suites are worth mentioning, as Dreams Resort La Romana is one of the few hotels where you can get guaranteed interconnecting rooms with their family suites, especially the Preferred Club Two Bedroom Family Suite Tropical View and the Preferred Club Three Bedroom Family Suite Tropical View, which are all located in the family building.

Preferred Club Family Suite at Dreams La Romana Resort

Booking and Prices at Dreams Dominicus La Romana

 Have you found the right Dreams Dominicus La Romana room category for you?

 Perfect, let’s continue with the booking options you have when planning to stay at this Bayahibe all-inclusive resort. 

 In general, you have several options when booking Dreams La Romana Resort & Spa. You can head to your nearest travel agent, book a holiday package right at your favorite airline, book straight through the hotel or check several online travel agencies such as Expedia or Booking.com.

 To make it easier for you, we have compiled a list of websites where you can book Dreams Dominicus Bayahibe, including a few perks those companies and travel websites are offering.

(mobile users: please turn your device to landscape mode to enjoy the best view of this table)

 Prices for the cheapest Dreams Dominicus La Romana rooms are starting at around 150 USD per person per night in the low season. During high season (between January and April) you shall budget 200 USD per person per night. 

 While the prices for the Dreams La Romana Preferred Club can vary, usually the most economic Preferred Club room category is around 40 USD more per person per night. 

 With those prices, Dreams Dominicus is usually a bit cheaper than Hilton La Romana, but a bit more expensive than Iberostar Hacienda Dominicus. While Hilton La Romana can be considered to be more or less on the same level, Iberostar might be similar as well concerning food and drinks, but not regarding the rooms.

 It is also interesting to note that Dreams Dominicus La Romana Resort & Spa is usually a bit cheaper than comparable Dreams Resorts in Punta Cana. While Dreams Palm Beach and Dreams Punta Cana Resort might be a bit cheaper than Dreams Dominicus (because they are much older), the newly-built and/or fully renovated Dreams Onyx, Dreams Royal Beach and Dreams Flora are usually more expensive than Dreams Dominicus. Hence you can enjoy a premium product with a slight discount if booking Dreams Dominicus La Romana by AMR Collection.

 To help you a bit further in scoring the best deal, we have also compared the prices of three different scenarios at many different travel websites. This helps you to find the best deal for your vacation at Dreams La Romana Resort & Spa:
– Scenario 1: a couple traveling in the low season (01-08 December)
– Scenario 2: a couple traveling in the high season (15-22 February)
– Scenario 3: a family with 2 kids (ages 8 and 14) traveling during the summer holiday (15-22 July)

(mobile users: please turn your device to landscape mode to enjoy the best view of this table)

 As you can see, the best deal usually is available at Apple Vacations*, especially when traveling as a couple or as a single. Just when traveling as a family Apple Vacations is slightly more expensive and you can get a better rate at Booking.com* for example.

 Apple Vacations is also a great option to book because both Apple Vacations and Dreams Dominicus La Romana are belonging to the Apple Leisure Group, one of the biggest tour operators in North America, hence you are booking directly without too many third parties. 

Very important: Prices can vary from one day to another, they might also be different depending on the country where you are located. Make sure to check booking, payment and cancellation conditions, as they might vary widely. It pays off to compare different platforms, but it is also worth skipping some of the cheapest offers if you don’t know and/or trust the company. If booking directly with the hotel or with renowned platforms like Booking or Expedia or leading tour operators like Apple Vacations, Sunwing Vacations or Virgin Holidays, you are usually making a good decision.

It might also be worth checking if a package deal is more economic. Sometimes it can be cheaper to book flight and hotel together, sometimes not. In case you haven’t booked your flight yet, it is worth checking the best options.

Restaurants and bars at Dreams Dominicus La Romana

Those who have already read a few of our all-inclusive resort reviews in Punta Cana or Bayahibe know that we love food. That’s why we always put a particular eye on the selection and presentation of food. Although in all-inclusive resorts you should never expect top-notch food like in a AAA five-diamond restaurant, you definitely can enjoy some premium food for your taste buds – also in Dreams Dominicus.

Dreams La Romana Resort & Spa offers the following food options:

  • Main buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • French à-la-carte restaurant for dinner
  • Asian à-la-carte restaurant incl. Teppanyaki show tables (for dinner)
  • Italian à-la-carte restaurant for dinner
  • À-la-carte grill restaurant for dinner
  • Beach snack restaurant for lunch and afternoon snacks
  • Coffee shop (open the entire day)
  • Late-night snack bar

 Additionally, if you are staying at Dreams Dominicus La Romana Preferred Club, you have access to the following restaurants:

  • Family buffet for breakfast and lunch
  • Preferred Club beachfront restaurant & beach lounge with breakfast buffet and à-la-carte lunch and dinner
  • Family pizzeria for lunch

 Your main point of reference for food will be the main buffet “World Café”, where you can have breakfast, lunch and dinner every day. You’ll find a huge selection of everything here, including a green station for healthy food and juices and some show cooking stations, for example, freshly-prepared omelets for breakfast and freshly grilled fish or meats for lunch and dinner. Compared to other all-inclusive resorts in Punta Cana or Bayahibe, the buffet at Dreams Dominicus is in line with other hotels at a similar price level. Furthermore, the design of the seating areas of the World Café is very appealing, hence you are not feeling like in a big anonymous canteen. Outside seating with partial ocean views is also available at Dreams Dominicus Bayahibe, which is an additional plus.

The buffet World Cafe at Dreams Dominicus La Romana All Inclusive

 If you don’t want to head to the buffet for lunch, you can also eat at the beach snack restaurant. It offers a limited selection of quick foods, such as hamburgers, hotdogs, salads, fruits and some selected dishes. It features a beautiful beachfront location.

Beach snack restaurant at Dreams Dominicus in Bayahibe

 For dinner, you can choose between the buffet restaurant or 4 themed à-la-carte restaurants at Dreams Dominicus La Romana. Considering that you might have already eaten breakfast and lunch at the buffet, I always recommend trying out the à-la-carte restaurants as they usually offer some culinary surprises. Dreams Dominicus only offer 4 à-la-carte restaurants, which is less than in some other Dreams Resorts (for example Dreams Macao Beach), but considering your average stay of 4-5 nights, it is still sufficient so that you can try a new restaurant every night. 

 We haven’t had time to visit all the à-la-carte restaurants during our stay but were happy with what we got. While we didn’t visit the Teppanyaki show cooking (sorry, we have seen this too many times in various all-inclusive resorts in Punta Cana 😉 ), the Asian food was delicious.

 In general, you don’t have to reserve any of the restaurants, as Dreams Resort La Romana follows a non-reservation policy, which means you can visit any of the restaurants as often as you like. In case you have to wait for a few minutes, you’ll get an electronic beeper that will call you when your table is ready. In the meantime, you can enjoy a drink at the bar.

 If you are staying in a Preferred Club room at Dreams La Romana Resort, you have three more choices for food throughout the day. The main Preferred Club restaurant has a wonderful location right at the beach and offers a small breakfast buffet with some selected premium food items and à-la-carte lunch and dinner. The à-la-carte dishes are nothing out of the world (but tasty), but especially if you want to have an elegant beachfront lunch with premium drinks, this is your place to go.

Lunch at Dreams Dominicus La Romana Preferred Club

 The other Dreams Dominicus La Romana Preferred Club options are located in the family section and are therefore mainly suitable for families (even though adults can visit as well, especially if you are looking for a more intimate buffet for lunch than the big World Café). 

Talking about bars, you can find 6 different bars at Dreams Dominicus La Romana plus 2 additional bars for Preferred Club members. The main bars you are most likely going to use often are the lobby bar with plenty of seating areas, the pool bar and the beach bar. As always when staying at Dreams, you have – besides local alcohol – a pretty good choice of international brands included, such as Martini, Kahlua, Bacardi, Gordons Dry Gin, Eristoff Vodka, Sky Vodka or Malibu Liquor. 

The bar at Dreams La Romana Resort & Spa

 At the Dreams Dominicus La Romana Preferred Club area, you have additional international brands such as Jack Daniels, Jameson, Absolut Vodka, El Jimador, Smirnoff, Tanqueray or Aperol included. As a rum lover, it was the first all-inclusive resort in Punta Cana and Bayahibe where I saw the 1920 rum, a premium rum from the Olivier Distillery in Santo Domingo. There are also a couple of other local premium rums such as Barcelo Imperial.

Preferred Club bar at Dreams Dominicus La Romana by AMR Collection

Entertainment and service at Dreams Dominicus La Romana

 Dreams Dominicus La Romana by AMR Collection is a resort with plenty of daily entertainment. The activity schedule is packed and especially at the combined beach and pool area (which is merging), there is always something going on: pool games, beach activities, afternoon parties, sports entertainment and much more. 

The beach at Dreams Dominicus, Playa Dominicus, in Bayahibe

 You can also rent kayaks, SUPs and pedal boats from the water sports center.

 During the evening, Dreams Resort La Romana is a bit quieter, as there is no big theatre like in other all-inclusive resorts. However, there is a central plaza with some smaller shows as well as occasional live music or DJs throughout the resort, including the Desires bar, which is open until 2 am. 

 Also, kids can enjoy several entertainment options, especially at the kids club (3-12 years) and the teens club (13-17 years). I was particularly surprised about the super huge kids club, which was – together with the kids club at Finest Punta Cana – the largest I have seen so far in all-inclusive resorts in Punta Cana and Bayahibe. What makes Dreams Dominicus La Romana All Inclusive also a great family option (check out further family resorts in Punta Cana here) are the super long opening hours of both, the kids club and the teens club. The kids club at Dreams Bayahibe is open from 9 am to 10 pm and the kids club from 9 am to midnight. 

 While the kids club offers a lot of daily activities taken care of by the kids club staff, the teens club is waiting for the older children with supervised entertainment options such as table tennis, air hockey or pool billiard.

 WiFi is available throughout the hotel and works perfectly fine.

 Service is also spotless as in many other all-inclusive resorts in Bayahibe and Punta Cana.

Preferred Club at Dreams Dominicus La Romana

 The Preferred Club was already mentioned a couple of times in this Dreams Dominicus La Romana review. It is kind of a VIP level for guests at this hotel, which comes with additional amenities and preferences. Let’s have a closer look at how the Dreams Dominicus La Romana Preferred Club reviews compared to the regular services. 

 In general, you enjoy Preferred Club privileges when booking one of the Preferred Club rooms. As you can see above in the Dreams Dominicus La Romana room list, 12 out of the 14 room categories are Preferred Club rooms. However, this doesn’t mean that the entire hotel can enjoy Preferred Club privileges because the 12 room categories with Preferred Club status only count for 252 of the 488 rooms (52%). 

 The Dreams Dominicus La Romana Preferred Club comes with the following advantages:

  • Upgraded Preferred Club room amenities (please check the “Dreams Dominicus La Romana rooms” section for details)
  • Additional breakfast, lunch and dinner options (please check the restaurant section above in this Dreams Dominicus review for details)
  • Personalized check-in and check-out with concierge service
  • Private Preferred Club Lounge (which is smaller and with fewer services than in other Dreams or Secrets resorts and not comparable for example with the amazing and newly-built Preferred Club lounge at Secrets Royal Beach)
  • Private Preferred Club beach area and lounge
  • Private pool section in the family area
  • Private and fully-stocked bar at the family pool section (Marlin Bar)
  • Extended Preferred Club beach area with separate bar

 As always, it depends on your personal preferences which of these amenities are indeed helpful and which are only nice to have. 

In my opinion, the most important feature is the Dreams Dominicus La Romana Preferred Club beach area and lounge. It offers an elegant beachfront breakfast and lunch or dinner with premium drinks – something you don’t have when booking a regular Dreams Dominicus room without Preferred Club status. 

Preferred Club beach restaurant at Dreams La Romana Resort & Spa

 Furthermore, Preferred Club guests at Dreams La Romana resort can enjoy an extended beach area that is much less crowded than the main beach of Dreams Dominicus. This beach area also has its own beach bar and more comfortable beach lounge chairs. 

Preferred Club beach area at Dreams Dominicus La Romana Resort & Spa

 However, compared to other all-inclusive resorts, the Dreams Dominicus Preferred Club comes also with a great advantage for families. A whole section is dedicated to them with interconnecting family rooms, a water play and splash area for toddlers and little kids, and a family restaurant incl. a pizzeria. This entire section is Preferred Club only. It is also very relaxed and quiet there, away from the many activities at the main pool and beach. This being said, for families, it is very recommendable to book a Preferred Club room to enjoy the full family amenities at Dreams Dominicus La Romana Resort & Spa by AMR Collection.

The Family Preferred Club area at Dreams Dominicus La Romana

Interchanging facilities between Dreams Dominicus La Romana and other Dreams Resorts in Punta Cana

 Usually, Dreams Resorts offer certain privileges to visit other neighboring resorts of the same brand or chain as well, but currently, Dreams Dominicus is the only AM Resort in the Bayahibe area.

 Officially, there is still the option to visit other Dreams Resorts in Punta Cana for the evening through the Sip, Savor & See program for free, but currently, this is paused. It is also a bit questionable if it makes sense to take a taxi (for an additional charge) to one of the various Dreams Resorts in Punta Cana an hour away (Dreams Punta Cana, Dreams Royal Beach, Dreams Onyx, Dreams Palm Beach, Dreams Flora) just to dine at similar restaurants than at Dreams Dominicus. 

 But theoretically speaking, if you have, by coincidence, friends visiting Punta Cana and they are staying at one of the Dreams Resorts, it might be possible to see them for a night out at their resort in case the Sip, Savor and See program is reactivated. In this case, access to those Dreams all-inclusive resorts in Punta Cana is possible from 6 pm to 1 am.

Safety Protocols and Hygiene Standards at Dreams Dominicus La Romana

 Officially, we are still in a pandemic, even though the government of the Dominican Republic terminated all measures and Corona restrictions by a public decree on the 16th of February 2022. This being said, Covid-19 in Punta Cana, Bayahibe and elsewhere in the Dominican Republic is not an issue anymore – at least currently. At the moment, the hospital occupancy is below 1% and also the positivity of the Covid-19 tests is around 1%. Currently (at the time of writing this Dreams Dominicus La Romana review), in the entire country of the Dominican Republic, just 9 persons are hospitalized because of Covid-19 and 1 person needs a breathalyzer. 

 Still, all-inclusive resorts in Punta Cana and Bayahibe such as Dreams Dominicus La Romana Resort & Spa are keeping at least a part of their Covid-19 restrictions. While masks are not mandatory anymore and all buffet, food and drink services have returned to normal, a temperature check is still done upon arrival at Dreams La Romana Resort. Furthermore, your hands get disinfected at various points throughout the resort and rooms get deep-cleaned and sealed before your arrival. The same goes for multi-touch items in the room and elsewhere in the resort.

 However, in general, it can be said, that Covid-19 is not an issue anymore for your vacation in the Dominican Republic and that you can enjoy your vacation 100% without any restrictions.

Excursions from Dreams Dominicus La Romana

 Bayahibe is just 50-60 minutes away from Punta Cana, hence all the popular excursions in Punta Cana can also be booked from Bayahibe. This being said, some of the most popular tours in Bayahibe are ziplining, buggy adventures and countryside excursions.

 However, not all the excursions are the same from Bayahibe and from Punta Cana. Three of the most popular excursions in the Dominican Republic have a significant advantage when starting from Bayahibe instead of Punta Cana.

Isla Saona:
Isla Saona is the most popular example where it is much easier to start from Bayahibe instead of Punta Cana. When booking your Isla Saona excursion from Punta Cana, you first head with a bus to Bayahibe (which usually is 1.5-2 hours per way due to hotel pick-ups and a break on the way) before boarding the boat. This 3-4 hour (return) bus ride is obsolete when starting your Saona Island tour from Dreams Dominicus, it is just a 10-20 minute ride, depending on if there are more hotel pick-ups.

 Oh, and btw, Isla Saona is one of the most beautiful places in the Dominican Republic, hence it is a must-do excursion in Bayahibe.

Isla Catalina:
The same goes for Isla Catalina excursions, even though those tours are not starting in Bayahibe, the boat is leaving in La Romana. However, the way to the port is also significantly shorter from Bayahibe than from Punta Cana, you’re saving around an hour per way as well. 

Our excursion to the beautiful Isla Catalina, south of La Romana

Santo Domingo:
Another great Dreams Dominicus La Romana excursion is the trip to the capital of the Dominican Republic. Santo Domingo is full of culture, history and an authentic vibe, hence it is worth visiting this vibrant city. Furthermore, the Colonial Zone is perfect to stroll around, learn more about the past centuries and enjoy the several local coffee and art shops. From Bayahibe, you also save an hour on your way to Santo Domingo, which brings down the total transfer time per way to two hours (from Bayahibe) instead of three hours (from Punta Cana).


 Was this Dreams Dominicus La Romana review helpful for you?

 We hope you got a good impression now and know what to expect at this all-inclusive resort in Bayahibe.

 For us, three main factors set this hotel apart from other resorts in Punta Cana or Bayahibe:
– the gorgeous and always seaweed-free beach, which makes it a particularly great choice if Punta Cana is affected by sargassum again
– the attractive price-value ratio compared to the Dreams resorts in Punta Cana. Usually Dreams Dominicus is around 10-15% cheaper, particularly when compared with the modern counterparts like Dreams Macao Beach and Dreams Royal Beach
– the newly added family section with guaranteed interconnecting rooms and a quiet water splash area, making Dreams Dominicus La Romana by AMR collection a great family activity in Bayahibe

 Furthermore, it is, in our opinion, the most modern all-inclusive resort in Bayahine, as it was only built in 2016/2017. Together with the unlimited à-la-carte dinners (without reservations), the super spacious rooms, the fantastic color of the ocean and the well-maintained property including several pools and activities, you get a great package here for an unforgettable holiday in Bayahibe and the Dominican Republic.


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