Grand Designs: Derbyshire couple take on medieval longhouse-inspired build

The hit Channel 4 architectural show Grand Designs sees ambitious individuals build their dream family home, and this week’s episode is no different.

In the first week of the new series, Manchester couple Colin and Adele learnt the hard truths and the dos and don’ts of building their curved glass mansion.

The second in the series saw Tunbridge Wells-based Kate and Rob replace their rundown post-war prefab home that stood the ages and lasted a lot longer than expected.

After that Canterbury-based couple Dorran and Vereuschka who build an underground hidden home but trouble arose for the pair after they parted ways with their contractor and took on the project themselves.

Last week saw Hertfordshire couple Matthew and Davidzo build an Australian and Zimbabwean-inspired home on the sloping hills of the Chess Valley.

Now, this week will see Derbyshire couple Mike and Sarah attempt to build their medieval longhouse-inspired home.

Derbyshire couple take on medieval longhouse inspired to build on Grand Designs

Derbyshire-based couple Mike and Sarah brought an 18.5-acre smallholding in the Dales costing £250,000, however it didn’t include a house.

The pair hired an architect to design the new home they hope to be inspired by a medieval longhouse.

With plans for five bedrooms and four bathrooms, the couple wants a layout that accommodates their elderly parents and has guest rooms for their two daughters.

However, the pair’s decision to include an enormous, corrugate and complex roof shape leads to the build being a lot harder than they first imagined.

And as delays to their schedules and problems of a personal nature arise, the project becomes a much bigger task than they could have imagined.

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