How is a truck manufacturing company liable for an accident?

Car accidents are the most common incidents, and the damage and liability generally fall on the person driving the car. But a truck accident is much more different than a car accident. A truck has a much bigger weight, and length than a car, and an accident involving a truck can be much greater. The damage and losses a truck accident can incur can be huge. They can bring huge liabilities and expenses to the truck driver and many other parties like the truck company and even the truck manufacturer. The cost and legal complications in an accident involving a truck can also be severe. Although most of the time, the liability falls on the truck driver himself, there can be situations where the truck insurance company’s blamed for the accident. In such a situation, it is better to contact a truck accident lawyer like the Ontario truck accident attorney, who can help you deal with such situations.

Why and when can the truck manufacturing company be blamed for the accident?

A truck is not a small vehicle. It is a heavyweight and a large vehicle, and a small defect in the truck can cause accidents of undefined magnitude. Manufacturing defects in the truck can be fatal and cause accidents. Suppose the truck is examined and found to be defective after the accident. In that case, the truck manufacturer is liable for the accident.

Defects that can affect the functioning of a truck 

Design defects – there can be defects in the design and overall structure of the truck, which can sometimes be dangerous. A truck is designed mainly to carry huge loads, so if a design defect in the truck can make it unstable, there is a high risk of falling over while driving with huge loads.

Manufacturing defects – if there is a manufacturing defect in the engine, brakes, accelerator, or any functioning devices within the truck, there is a high possibility of breaking down or malfunctioning the truck, which can cause an accident.

Parts of the truck that can be defective 

A truck has complicated designs and parts. There are several parts in a truck, but if parts like the braking system, steering system, accelerator, wheels and tire, and electrical systems have manufacturing defects or are faulty, there is a high chance of accidents.


As a truck manufacturing company, proper testing and heavy efficiency in making a truck must be maintained before selling a truck. Suppose a truck in an accident is found to be defective. In that case, the truck manufacturing company can face huge legal actions even if the manufacturing defect had nothing to do with the accident. If you are facing such a situation, it is better to have a truck accident attorney by your side. He will know how to help you get out of the legal complications.

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