Top 5 Fun Things to do In Sevierville, Tennessee

Known for its eye-catching mountain panoramas, quirky attractions, and rustic charm, East Tennessee is a fun hub, thanks to natural spots such as the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and towns like Sevierville. In fact, the only downside with the place is not so much about what it has to offer, as there’s a lot, it is narrowing down to things you must do while you are there. Well, you don’t have to fret as we have done the heavy lifting. Ideal for a fun afternoon with your loved ones or a date night, these activities are a must-do the next time you visit Sevierville. 

1. The Parrot Mountain

The  Smoky Mountains is not a place that many would expect to come across tropical birds, but the town is actually home to a huge parrot preserve. You will come across over 150 exotic fowl species and a wide array of plants in the botanical gardens found in Parrot Mountain. With a theme borrowed from the Garden of Eden in the bible, this attraction in Sevierville is one of the best places to interact with beautiful Macaws, Kookaburras, and of course, Parrots. 

Feeding birds found in the aviary is a fun activity for many and you have the opportunity to take photos and videos with a talkative parrot. Other highlights in this stunning location are the nursery where new hatchings stay and the Secret Garden where the birds fly freely. 

2. Tennesse Museum of Aviation

Enjoy your afternoon at the finest collections of military aircraft and airworthy planes at the Tennessee Museum of Aviation. This great attraction is referred to as ‘Living Museum’ as it consists of authentic planes and new aircrafts are always coming and going from the hanger. As such, there is no predicting what you will come across during your visit. 

Some of the best sights in this incredible spot are two preserved P-47 Thunderbolt aircrafts used in World War 2. The Soviet Mig 21 and Gruman Albatross are other highlights at this stunning aviation museum. Also, there’s an extensive collection of artifacts that date from the early days of aviation. 

If you would like to take a historic aircraft for a spin, you can book a trip with  Sky High Air Tours in the town. This is a unique aerial tour that allows visitors to see the Smoky Mountains from a genuine 1927 open cockpit airplane. 

3. The Forbidden Caverns

Sevierville is without a doubt home to some of the most stunning mountain views, but did you know that you can explore inside a mountain as well? The forbidden caverns were once home to moonshine stills, but nowadays, you can take a guided tour of the amazing cave formations. You’ll not only learn about the colorful history of these formations but also get to explore the amazing scenery of cave geology. This is hands down one of the best unique attractions you will find in Sevierville, Tennesse. 

4. The NASCAR SpeedPark

This is another great way to spend your afternoon in Sevierville. NASCAR SpeedPark has individual day passes and vacation passes that last for a whole week. This racing spot has 8 exhilarating go-kart tracks and over 20 attractions within it. Also, you can take a tour of their merchandise store for awesome NASCAR gear. The location ideally has an arcade for mini-golf courses, bumper boats, gaming, rock climbing wall, and other thrilling activities. This is a must-visit location if you like NASCAR and are adventurous. 

5. The Smoky Mountain Knife Works

Did you know that you can have the chance to see one of the best collections of swords and knives on display in Sevierville, Tennesse? Well, neither did we!

At over 40,000 sq. ft, the Smoky Mountain Knife Works is the biggest knife showplace on the globe. Tourists can spend hours taking a tour of the stunning knives and swords on display. Even better, the tour is for free. 

Some of the primary highlights of this attraction include: 

The Knife Cave- This includes samurai swords, medieval weapons, a high-velocity slingshot, and throwing knives. 

The National Knife Museum- This is an extensive exhibit that tells you the story of knives, going back up to 200,000 years. 

The Military Display- This consists of bayonets and knives that date from the civil war to WW2. 

The Smoky Mountains Knife Works also hosts the biggest display in Southeast’s of trophy wildlife with polar bears, mountain moose, and wild beasts from Africa. With around 1.5 million knives for sale, you will come across a utility knife, cooking knife, or pocket knife that you can take home after a day in the smoky mountains. 

This is not a comprehensive list of things you can do in this amazing town. However, it covers those that you should not miss the next time you visit Sevierville, Tennessee!