Patio Furniture Cover Fabrics to Look For While Choosing the Best Cover

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Decorating your deck or patio with stunning outdoor furniture can dramatically transform the functionality and overall aesthetic look of your home. A well-decorated and well-equipped patio or decking area is a wonderful space for an outdoor get-together, a barbeque, or a pool party during the summer. However, outdoor furniture requires tremendous care because of exposure to harsh elements 24×7. It is a good idea to add a layer of protection to your outdoor furniture. 

Buy slipcovers for your outdoor furniture for longevity and protection. You may wash the slipcovers now and then to keep them clean and free from allergens and dust. When you add a perfect cover to your patio table, chair, or couch, you can rest assured to boost the longevity of your expensive garden furniture. You should choose a patio furniture cover with utmost care. Let us explore some appropriate fabrics and features of patio furniture covers.


Vinyl slipcovers are moisture-resistant and affordable. They are easy to use, lightweight, and just perfect for your patio furniture pieces placed in storage. A vinyl cover is ideal for patio furniture items placed in storage because the material is not breathable and allows minimal airflow. Moreover, it is not form-fitting and may develop mildew or mold if left unattended in the rainy season. You may choose a cover with 12-gauge vinyl because it offers enhanced durability than usual vinyl slipcovers.


Polyester is a breathable and quick-drying fabric that allows trapped water under the furniture cover to evaporate effortlessly. Moreover, polyester fabric is capable of preventing mold build-up. Polyester may be treated with diverse substances for equipping it with some additional characteristics like insulation, UV resistance, and waterproofing. Polyester has a slight stretch to it, making it ideal for outdoor furniture as you can purchase form-fitting slipcovers to fit your patio furniture items perfectly.


Canvas is a brilliant option for a machine-washable and breathable patio furniture cover. Canvas is right for covering and protecting patio furniture items in relatively warmer climates. It is a durable and tough fabric that may be treated with some chemicals for making it UV-resistant and waterproof. Another advantage of using canvas slipcovers for your patio furniture is its aesthetic appeal. The style and texture of canvas slipcovers are just right for outdoor furniture coverings. 


According to Forbes, plastic is practically everywhere. Currently, you are in most likelihood, surrounded by more articles made of PEHD, PET, PVC, or some other plastic types than you realize. Solid plastic is known to be the most effective and inexpensive furniture cover that is just right for occasional storage instead of long-term protection. Plastic slipcovers are waterproof, however, they do not allow sufficient ventilation that may trigger odors and mildew growth from moisture that gets collected inside the cover.


Outdoor patio or deck furniture can dramatically transform the simple yard or patio into a cozy and comfortable place to enjoy outside with close friends and family throughout the year. Your deck or patio furniture has the potential to boost the aesthetic ambiance of your yard or deck when nicely protected and well-arranged.